Supervisory Management

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Skills in management can easily be confused with knowledge and proficiency in certain disciplines. They may well have the technical skills but, to be an efficient and effective manager the must possess human skills in management and leadership.


Effective, qualitative and decisive management is vital in today’s business. People brought together to do something must have someone to give them a lead and provide them with a purpose and direction.


Key Topics

Objectives:        By the end of the seminar the delegates will be able to:


        • Understand the management role

        • Motivate people

        • Delegate effectively

        • Understand the skill of good leadership


                Content Includes:


    • Communication Skills – Various elements required to succeed

    • The Role of the Manager / Supervisor – The need to adopt ‘supervisory thinking’ to be an effective leader, guide, mentor, problem solver and helper.

    • Leadership Qualities – This session looks at the qualities to ensure success.

    • Knowing your team – A team is a group of individuals that may share skills but have different personalities and the successful manager learns how to adapt their style to suit the individual from the easy to the difficult.

    • Giving Feedback – Everybody has the need to know what is actually required of them, have feedback in regards to how well they are doing or improvements that need to be made. Plans for improvement should be a joint plan between the manager / supervisor and team member. It needs to be attainable and time-bound to ensure satisfaction by all those involved.

    • Learning to Delegate – In order to grow and develop the team members must be delegated tasks and given ownership of certain functions. Leaders have to be aware of their own management of time and the need to make others responsible for tasks.

    • Effective Motivation – Buy knowing the individuals in a team, managers can use the right motivators to capitalise on the skills, knowledge and creativity that team members are able to bring to their work. It’s not ‘rocket science’ that a happy person works better at a task. A motivated person is much more likely to be happy in their work.

    • Time Management – Finding the time to manage effectively can be really difficult. Many managers and supervisors are so busy fulfilling their own tasks that they just don’t have the time to give to others in their team. This session looks at some of the techniques that need to be adopted to ensure that the team gets that important time. After all, each manager will be judged by how their team did so it is in their interest to give as much as they are able to the role of managing.


The course is run as an interactive event with exercises and self-assessments to ensure that the delegates maximise on the learning process and leave the course with positive outcomes.

  • Price: £275.00
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Start Time: 9.30am
  • End Time: 4.30pm

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