Being Assertive, Being Effective

Key Topics


  • Distinguishing between assertive, aggressive and non assertive (passive) behaviour
  • The reason for behaving assertively
  • Dealing with difficult situations and saying ‘no’ to unreasonable requests
  • Giving and receiving criticism
  • Practice applying assertive behaviour in a range of situation which reflect the needs of the delegates
  • Giving and receiving praise
  • Maintain the listeners attention


By the end of the course participants will:


  • Understand the principles and benefits off assertive communication
  • Know how to improve their personal effectiveness when communicating in everyday situations
  • Be able to project a more confident, open and competent image
  • Know how to reduce conflict in difficult situations
  • Price: £275.00
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Start Time: 9.30am
  • End Time: 4.30pm

Dates available upon request.